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This website is dedicated to all those people out there who, like me, like a bit of manliness in a guys back. The picture on the left is one of the manliest I've been sent (Jamie Cullum), but if you find one which you feel is more deserving if this title, please, feel free to send it in. All manly pictures will be gratefully received, and please, no gay men. Or women. Not necessarily gay women, just women in general.

PLEASE NOTE: All contents of site are through request only, none of the pictures account for the manlybacks team's personal taste.


I have provided this website for the use of the general public. This is my way of repaying the kindness shown to my from the people of Great Britain. This site is intended for enjoyment and the satisfaction of knowing that there is manliness out there...for all to see.

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20/02/04-site opened!

22/02/04-modified website

29/01/05-new look website and modifications

Welcome To My Home Page

This site is THE place to highlight any manliness noticed...I'm not fussy, any manliness is welcome..not just backs...

Site enhancements

At the moment this site doesn't have any enhancements, due to the fact that my computer has gone on strike. Manlybacks.com is very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. (Such as....)? Anyhoo...the problem will be rectified asap.

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The Manlybacks.com merchandise is not yet for sale. Full details of products will be available soon, all at low, low prices. For a catologue please email me using the link below. If it works. Which is unlikely.


Probably the second manliest person ever to grace the planet...Jonny Wilkinson. Enjoy.

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